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prada replica It’s easy to build strong associations between a designer and her most popular pieces when they’re so iconic to her brand. When many shoppers think of Prada, they think of Saffiano leather and the Prada Double Bag or Prada Galleria. But Prada’s accessories world extends far beyond those bags, and its newly released Prada Corsaire Bag deserves the attention of all handbag lovers, not just Prada lovers.

prada cahier bag replica The Prada aesthetic has changed over the years, just as all brands tend to, but Miuccia Prada always ensures “the modern woman” is always taken into account. The new Prada Corsaire Bag is edgy but clearly fits into that idea of modernity. There’s something very raw and alluring about this bag, and now that I have seen it in person, I can assure you it’s the type of bagging your fall collection needs and my collection wants. There’s nothing better than adding a bag that stands out but doesn’t feel too trendy, and the Corsaire bag fits the bill. It will amplify your fall and winter wardrobe, and its classic enough that you’ll be able to use it for years to come.

prada bags replica wholesale The Corsaire Bag (which means “pirate” in English) was first spotted on the Fall 2016 runway. When you open the buckle-fastened front flap, you’ll see the gold ring-embellished fringing which peeks through when the bag is fully closed. This is such an edgy touch, but if it’s too much for you for daily use, you can pare back the look by removing the gold-ring fringing, which is attached to a leather strap. The interior has a magnetic snap pouch that sits under the fringe and fits an iPhone 6+, and that’s where I’d put my phone. From there, you’ll find the two main compartments, which are thoughtfully organized with a pocket in each.

high quality replica handbags The long shoulder strap allows the bag to be carried cross-body as well as on the shoulder. While the dimensions sound compact, the bag is well-designed to allow for plenty of internal storage. The back of the bag offers a zipper pocket as well, so even for the modest dimensions, there is a spot for everything you need to be separated and easily accessible.

high quality prada replica handbags Often I find myself thinking bag designs are predictable, but this bag is anything but. I love the idea of fall coats in hues of camel and red and green pairing with one of the many colors and material combinations of this bag. I adore the saddle bag shape because it always gives a bit more of an everyday-wearable feel to a designer piece. The calf leather that makes up the majority of the bag is supple yet durable, and the top flap is made of the covetable Saffiano leather. Buy via Prada for $2,440. Of course, you can always amplify this already stand-out bag with one of the cool Prada Tricks of the season. I found myself drawn to the Prada Notebook Tricks that were seen as accessories to the bags on the runway. Not only do the Tricks look like notebooks, but they have a small notepad inside that you can use if you’re in a bind and need some paper to write on. Of course, you won’t be able to use it for longer thoughts and lists unless you have the tiniest and most skilled writing ever, but you can use the pages to jot things down, and that feels like a hidden gem to me. Buy the Astral blue via Prada for $595 and the Begonia pink and Caramel via Prada for $480.

high quality designer replica handbags Another accessory of the season is these cool Prada Key Tricks, which you can add to your bag or your clothing. The runway showed the Tricks paired with coats and bags alike, but I’m not sure I’m cool enough to pull off the trick on my clothes. I am down with carrying it on my bag, though, and I love the little bird and mouse. Buy via Prada for $310.

handbags replica While I still love the Galleria and Double Bag as much as the next girl, it’s time to realize that Prada offers so much more, and the Corsaire is a perfect example. This bag is a standout, an attention-grabber, and the next bag I want to add to my wardrobe that differs from the usual suspects; isn’t that what a well-rounded handbag collection needs?

fake prada bags china  Yes, you can remove them! It’s one of my favorite aspects of this bag – the rings are really cool and add a lot of styles, but you can remove them as well if that makes the bag feel more like an everyday bag for you 🙂

Megs did you happen to see all of them in person? Not a saffiano fan so was leaning towards quilted nylon. Any opinion? I thought the velvet might limit me to just fall/winter use.

fake prada bags cheap There are some other iterations as well, quilted nylon paired with leather. The calf leather is really nice on this bag and since the top flap gets the most wear, it’s nice to be in Saffiano so it won’t show use as much

I like the mixed leather, I am a little over saffiano but I like that in this bag it is only a cover for a more beautiful leather underneath.

It really reminds me of those MBMJ bags. I have one with the bird’s logo, and it looks very similar to this. This post reminds me I got to take it out of storage and wear it around town again.

I think this bag is interesting but doubt I would purchase aaa replica designer handbags,best prada replica bags,best replica bags online,cheap replica designer handbags online,cheap replica handbags,fake designer handbags for sale,replica handbags china,replica prada backpack,replica prada handbags cheap,wholesale replica designer handbags,wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping,wholesale replica designer handbags in bulk. I like the keys and rings, it makes this bag stand out from other saddle bags….maybe, if it does well I would consider it.

The majority of the bag, aside from the top flap, is calf leather and it’s so beautiful! Let me see if we have an inside shot to add to the post, the interior is amazing!

I saw this bag last week at the store, and it is beautiful. I love that the inside has a few compartments to keep me organized. Also, I remember seeing it in all calf leather, I think, which was a beautiful look as well.

The Keys are sold separately (price and link above). The rings are in the center of the bag and there are some on the handle, so you can remove both or either or!

fake designer handbags for sale Def get it, which one are you thinking? has all of the options – I’m digging the quilted Nylon one as well :)I only like this bag in black. The rings could become annoying. Can you leave some on but take others off or is it an all or nothing thing? I hate the contrast between the leather of the bag and the strips that connect the rings. I hope that you can also remove the keys. All of that being said, usually I don’t like Prada but I am going to get it in black because it looks like a fun bag.

You should check the bag out, it really is so good! I saw it and got to play with it while shooting and working on this feature, and I was HOOKED too!

They (the hangers) do carry this pirate mood nicely, you know – always on the way, all necessary paraphernalia with you all the time, part useful part jewelry, not able to predict what will come handy. There is also a faint idea of chatelaine behind it: https://klamatorby.wordpres…

The shape though, that people often call a saddle bag, is usually more appropriately a hunters’ bag. Saddlebag is flatter I guess. Or maybe in some places of the world hunters hunted on horseback :-)The rings on this bag are actually a far echo of the real thing – hunting bag straps/game hangers for carrying shot fowl/rabbits, etc. What you did was pass the strap through the ring, form the loop, pass the feet of fowl and it dangled from the bag. Everything was practical once;-))

cheap replica handbags I’m leaning towards the olive green quilted bag. I could really use that bag and not have to worry about rain ruining suede or leather this winter.

As everything Gucci these days, Prada obviously also have had a deep dive into their old files. Personally, I am old enough to be able to pull out the exact same styles from the 70ies and 80ies. These saddlebag oriented styles were never really that attractive. Both Burberry, LV, and Gucci produced them before, but I can see how they must seem “new” and relevant to all the young bloggers out there.

This is the first Prada bag I’ve seen in a while that I truly like. I looked at it in their Milan (Galeria) store last month and was impressed — but only in black and in a mix of materials (leather and suede etc). FWIW, the Inside bag seems to be definitely “out” — even at Prada itself.

I would like Prada to get back to producing more bags in servo or Vitello daino — I like those leathers much more than saffiano.

cheap replica designer handbags online Yes! We are working on a page that explains partnerships like this. We are always transparent and want to be sure everyone knows when a post is sponsored and who it’s sponsored by and why we partner with different brands!

We work with a variety of partners and Prada is one. Not every designer or every bag is for everyone, but we only work with brands that we feel are a good fit and all editorial is always written by us and not dictated by the brand.

Agree, the first comment is unnecessarily snarky. This site has been wonderful for people researching handbags to get, why wouldn’t big labels work with it?

I actually really like this bag then again I like Prada in general. I think it’s cool you can take the rings off, seems like Prada was thinking ahead knowing it could be too much for some of us to be in the bag all the time.

Thank you for sharing something other than Double and Galleria bags from Prada, there’s so much more the brand offers! Photos are so good too! Vlad take them?

For Prada Spring 2017, brand matriarch Miuccia Prada said that she wanted to de-intellectualize her normal design process in favor of finding some elegance in the here and now. The results were wearable pieces with luxe details like marabou and exotic leathers, as well as two new bag styles: a chain-strap flap bag and a duffel-style satchel.

The most notable details of both pieces were the broad, flat strips of leather they sported as accents. The flap bags used them as part of the closure, while the duffels featured them at either gusset and while I like both new designs, I want to investigate the flap bag in particular in person. The strips of leather are quite long, and it’s not clear from how the models carried the bags on the runway (literally kept close to their vests) how they’re incorporated into the bag’s structure.

If the longer strip is removable or if the bag was shown half-open and it somehow tucks into the closure in a way that’s not clear from the photos, then it seems likely the bag will be popular among shoppers. If not, its appeal is may be more limited, which could be Prada’s intention in the first place: to create something unique and seasonal. Either way, both designs felt like interesting expansions of the brand’s accessories aesthetic. Check out all the photos below.

best replica bags online I guess that over-the-top handbag will be all the rage. Most of what we’ve seen has been overly embellished, designed, and printed. Number 26 is my favorite, and I like the clutches.
I am really torn with this collection, I sort of like it but I think the extra long tongue would just get in the way most of the time. The satchel is giving me a Coach vibe…

Exactly my first impression. One trip in a taxi and those stiff straps will be bent in half. Maybe “de-intellectualize” is fashion speak for “impractical”.
No matter how innovative a design, at the end of the day product is purchased and used by ordinary people who need functionality and some degree of practicality.

That awkward long strap seems to have been designed only to be different. It just makes no sense and I imagine it will get bent/damaged easily. #26 was my favorite color combo but reminds me of Saint Laurent Duffel 6, which is much nicer IMHO.

IMO many designers are trying to emulate what Alessandro Michele has done at Gucci and it’s not working. (Whimsical fun that exudes luxury is difficult to do). That long strap/tongue thing on some of the bags is impractical and unappealing.

I consider myself a “Prada person” but these are not attractive. What’s the deal? Giant clutches, annoyingly long straps, and ugly color/leather combinations. Gucci, Fendi, and Dior are so much better now, IMO.

best prada replica bags Prada needs to stop already with that horrid logo and redesign it. Take a tip from Celine – tiny gold stamp only. I like #12, but again, not with that garish logo. (Reminds me of the horse and carriage logo that Coach needs to also get rid of).

If you’ve been feeling a little bit curious about Prada lately, there’s a reason for that. The brand has introduced a slew of new handbags for fall, and many of them are exactly the kind of sleek, modern bags you’d hope to see from a designer of Prada’s caliber and history. What’s even better is that it’s now a little bit easier to shop those bags, along with shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear from the brand because of a new partnership with Net-a-Porter.

Although we’re always first and foremost interested in bags and accessories, maybe the most exciting element of Prada’s arrival at Net-a-Porter is the availability of women’s clothing. Prada has always strictly excluded ready-to-wear from online sales, and the brand doesn’t even currently let shoppers buy clothing on its own website. Net-a-Porter has a well-curated selection to choose from, though, which will likely please fans of the brand who don’t live near a boutique.

You can shop the full selection via Net-a-Porter, of course, but we’ve pulled out a handful of our favorite bags and accessories from the assortment to get you started below. You can shop the full selection via Net-a-Porter, of course, but we’ve pulled out a handful of our favorite bags and accessories from the assortment to get you started below.
If they took that tacky logo off the front of all their bags they would look great.

When it comes to the most iconic bag brands, Prada is easily one of the most recognizable and most widely loved. Prada launched me into my love of designer bags; I lusted after a one of the brand’s iconic Tessuto nylon messenger bags during much of high school, and I received it was a gift when I began college. I remember feeling so enamored of my Prada bag, and even at that young age, I could tell how much higher quality it was from other brands in my collection at the time. Prada is distinguished by meticulous attention to craftsmanship and detail, and that’s still very much the case today.

aaa replica designer handbags Though Prada has evolved over time by embracing new techniques and ideas, the brand stays committed to the enduring quality of its pieces. Like many long-standing brands, the methods Prada employs have been passed down by craftsmen over the course of years, and they’re so vital and specific to the brand that they could easily be called trade secrets. Just like those crucial rules of craftsmanship, some of the brand’s designs are equally long-standing; two of the most highly sought-after Prada pieces remain the Prada Galleria and Prada Double Bags.

The Galleria and Double are classic Prada styles, and they’re very well-loved by the brand’s fans and shoppers. I certainly count myself among that group; if I had it my way, I’d own a rainbow of these bags in every size offered.

Below, we have an intimate look at two of the most iconic bags of Prada’s lineup. In addition to that, I have the pleasure of being among the first to tell you all about the new Prada shoulder straps!

Prada Galleria Bag Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada (Miuccia Prada’s grandfather) in Milan, Prada opened its first store in the prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The Prada Galleria Bag was named after the store that started it all, and the bag holds a similarly foundational spot in the brand’s handbag array.

This bag is immediately recognizable as Prada, and although some people confuse it with the Prada Double Bag, it has been around far longer. The Galleria shape is clean and sleek, typically using Saffiano leather, which is hot pressed to achieve the crosshatch texture you see and feel. Because of the longevity of Saffiano leather, Prada has used this water-repellent, scratch-resistant material for decades, and the finish style is often associated with Prada because the brand’s artisans perfected it. While the bags we photographed (as well as many of the Galleria bags on the market) are made of Saffiano leather, there is also City Calf version, which is luscious and slightly softer, which gives this bag a more laid-back vibe.

wholesale replica designer handbags in bulk The Galleria bag holds its shape nicely and is ideal daily use, including in the office. The shape quickly turned into a brand essential for Prada, and many flocks to it because of its highly functional interior structure: one large opening, flanked by two zipper-closed pockets at the front and back, all of which run the full length of the bag. The main interior compartment features three inside pockets, one with a zipper, and the body of the bag can be snapped on either side to pinch the top of the bag together to further secure the interior.

wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping Every season, Prada reintroduces this bag in a variety of colors and styles based on that season’s theme. This allows for countless options and reinterpretations, which makes this bag a classic, iconic wardrobe staple fake prada bags cheap,fake prada bags china ,handbags replica,high quality designer replica handbags,high quality prada replica handbags,replica designer handbags suppliers,replica handbags.

Introduced in 2013, the Prada Double Bag quickly became a favorite. Much like the Galleria Bag, the Double is reinterpreted every season in colors and fabrications based on the style of the season.

While the Galleria Bag offers a bit more structure, especially because of the full body pockets on the front and back of the bag, the Double is more minimal and lightweight. The Saffiano leather on the exterior is paired with smooth Nappa leather inside, and Prada has made the potential color combinations one of the most fun aspects of the design. While many Double Bags do offer tone-on-tone leathers on the exterior and interior, there are plenty of contrasting combinations that blend the inside and out in an unexpected way. It’s one of my favorite aspects of this bag, and I love seeing what Prada comes up with to make each design stand out a bit more than the last.

The Double Bag offers an internal divider with a flap pocket, which allows for easier organization and helps separate the bag into two main interior compartments. I love this design; the divider peeks out when you’re carrying the bag, and if you have a contrasting interior color, you can see it pop.

While the Galleria and Double Bags have their similarities that make them both unmistakably Prada, there are differences that could easily make one or the other better for your life. If you’re trying to decide between the two, I’m happy to help point you in the right direction in the comments below!

wholesale replica designer handbags I’m really excited we get to be among the first to break the news of the new Prada Shoulder Straps. Though both of the above bags offer optional shoulder straps in matching Saffiano leather, the brand now offers a way to customize your bag and show your personality with a shoulder strap that speaks to you and stands apart from the rest of the bag.

I’ve seen many add-on shoulder straps over the past few years and I can tell you that these Prada straps are some of the most beautiful in appearance and quality I’ve seen. I loved dressing up each bag differently with a strap, and each one transformed the bag. While a strap with oversized leather floral appliqués feels playful, the strap with Swarovski crystal embellishments makes an eye-catching statement. The new collection of shoulder straps allows you to instantly add a personal touch to your bag.

The straps are sold separately and come in Calfskin, Saffiano, and Nastro leather with all featuring floral patterns with a 3D effect designed from crystals, plexiglass, resin or leather. The straps are now exclusively available at the Prada Broadway and Prada 5th Avenue boutiques in New York and will be available online by the end of the month.

Straps–another copycat item. Nevertheless, it’s great marketing. I can’t see buying, though, given the typical $1K price tag. I love Prada, though, and own too many bags (e.g., 2 nylon messenger, 2 Galleria, and others). It’s hard to resist Prada.

replica prada handbags cheap I have a Galleria and it is my favorite bag. Extremely functional, sturdy, always looks new. I have a medium size and plan on getting large. My only “complaint” is I’d like to see more variations of in color combinations. Follow the two-tone bag and do the contrasting lining.

are the shoulder straps compatible with other bags? They’re so beautiful but I can’t imagine shelling out for them unless they could be used with other bags in the future high quality replica handbags,wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping,wholesale replica designer handbags in bulk,prada replica bags india,prada replica shoes,replica designer handbags.

I agree! And I really like the straps from Prada, they are really beautiful in person and I find them more wearable than other options that seem far trendier.

I really love the trend of “accessorized” bag straps… I have no qualms with other brands getting in on the action. It’s a really ingenious way to spice up a bag you may already own and love!

replica prada backpack sponsored posts are necessary for all sites in order to bring in revenue but prominence and larger font never hurt anybody!

We’ve always labeled sponsored posts as such. The label does appear smaller on mobile than on desktop, I can easily fix that.

It’s marked in the same place all of our sponsored posts are! We always mark a post as sponsored if it is and this one is actually larger font than used previously 🙂

I think you replied to the wrong person- I stated that I disagreed with the original statement that Anna posted 🙂

replica handbags china Try telling the same thing to Buzzfeed. They’ll make you read an entire list of 21 things and the last listed item is a commercial for Charmin toilet paper. Sure, it’s at the end, and they made you read the whole list, but you can’t read the whole thing and not leave knowing that you just saw an ad for toilet paper. Same here. It would be hard to not realize that this post was sponsored by Prada. It’s not illegal to put “presented by Prada” at the end. It’s clearly there.

I disagree. The rule is clear- which it is- and conspicuous. Personally, by placing it at the end of the article, away from any pics or headlines, I feel that we are much more easily able to take note of the fact that it is a sponsored post. If they attached it up with the article content, it would be much easier to miss in the mix of photos and other headlines that could distract the reader from noticing the note that it is a sponsored post. Mobile sites are trickier because everything is scaled down, so that may be why it doesn’t seem as noticeable for you- but looking further down the chain, I can already see that Vlad has stated that he can make the font larger.

replica handbags This is our first sponsored post with Prada. We actually have very few sponsored posts compared to the majority of sites and make sure any brand with a partner with is one we feel is a good match for us and what we like.

We didn’t receive the bags for free, all of these bags were photographed to be shared and returned, just wanted to clarify. :)I love replica bags but these “sponsored posts” are starting to be pretty nauseating. I’d love to see more genuine reviews, and real posts about new product lines — things that don’t have a marketing ploy behind them and don’t involve simply showing off bags they received for free. Prada especially seems pretty desperate about “sponsoring” posts on here, which isn’t surprising considering all the negative things floating around about the quality of their bags lately. And please, people, don’t tear into me about this. The pictures are beautiful and I’m not trying to bash anyone on a personal level, just expressing my opinion…

replica designer handbags suppliers Sponsored posts are everywhere. The only way to avoid them is to just not use the internet at all.
replica bags have been labeling sponsored posts the same way for years now. I don’t understand why some people have a problem with it now. If the font is too small then zoom in…or get glasses. Not everything has to be in your face, that’s tacky and unnecessary…just like your initial comment. Completely agree. Such an unnecessary comment. Some people like to feel the expert, I suppose. *eye roll*

…wow some people really complain about the dumbest things. The label is there…if the font is too small then get glasses…don’t know why you need to know prada bags replica wholesale,prada cahier bag replica,prada replica,aaa replica designer handbags,replica prada handbags cheap,wholesale replica designer handbags is a sponsored post in the first place. The bags are super pretty and that’s all that matters!!

Look, I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but you’re not following the FTC protocol for sponsored posts. The FTC – Federal Trade Commission requires that any proof of sponsorship be CLEAR AND CONSPICUOUS, hence not putting the ‘sponsored post’ label in tiny font and hiding it at the end of the article. This is how it displays on the mobile site. Definitely not conspicuous.

Yes, promise to give you an update when they are available in this post and a separate post so you won’t miss it! Which one do you like?!

replica designer handbags This post was perfect! I cannot wait to get my hands on one of those straps! Will you let us know when they’re available to purchase online, please? I’m so afraid they’ll sell out and I’ll miss it. Thank you for such a great post! xo

Prada has a lot of manufacturing defects. The double bag I got earlier this year fell apart after two weeks of very very careful use. The Prada store admitted they’ve been having problems with many customers. Shame because this would have been my perfect office bag.

While I don’t like Prada and I would definitely snag and tear off one of those pink flowers on the strap, I really appreciate Vlad’s photography. Even when I don’t like a brand, I always look and go “oooh” in my mind. Keep up the luscious pics!

The cool thing was the straps easily transformed a bag into a brand new look and feel! I loved the Mini White Galleria with the ‘dressier’ blue or black and flower crystals! Made the bag immediately feel like an evening bag!

These are literally stunning!!!! Love the fact that you can add something funky to your classic bag. I always love patterned bags but am usually afraid to spend such a large amount of money on something I might get tired of. For some reason this I can justify because it gives the bags two different looks.

I feel your pain with Saffiano leather. I am so glad that most brands are incorporating other styles of leather this season. I am so tired of it.

prada replica shoes I have a complete love/hate relationship with Prada. I love the bags I own. I mean LOVE! And the quality of my bags are outstanding (I hear others have issues but mine are the sturdiest bags I own.)

But, I hate the lack of innovation and excitement. Any time die-hard fans can’t tell the difference in your models (double zip v galleria m… Huh?) it’s not innovation or range. These bags are more of the same and a gaudy Fendi mimicking strapline isn’t the solution.

Prada has got to get out of the saffiano rut they are in. Keep some Saffy bags but innovate, pleeeease. And the inside bag wasn’t it. (ugly and weird. No!) We longtime fans are rooting for you. But give us something to adore and our money will be yours! best prada replica bags,best replica bags online,cheap replica designer handbags online,cheap replica handbags,replica handbags,replica handbags china,replica prada backpack, Gucci, Dior and replica bags are wooing us away…Is it just me but the flower strap is almost same as Fendi Strap your idea. The worst is Fendi has release flower strap in Spring collection. I am ok if Prada wants to follow the strap trend but at least do something else (like Valentino with their guitar style.

What a beautiful array of bags! The pink one is especially nice.

Also, props to Vlad and his amazing photos! Even when he photographs bags that I don’t like, I can always appreciate how gorgeously his shots are composed.

prada replica bags india Prada is hard at work diversifying its handbag selection season after season, proving there’s much more to the brand than Saffiano bags. (Although, if you ask me, those are still some of the best bags out there for long wear and daily use.) We got our hands on the Prada Woven Madras-Pattern Shoulder Bag last week, and I fell for fake designer handbags for sale,fake prada bags cheap,fake prada bags china ,handbags replica,high quality designer replica handbags,high quality prada replica handbags,replica designer handbags suppliers immediately.

First things first: the black, red and white woven madras pattern on the lamb leather is eye-catching. It helps the bag immediately stand out and is definitely different from what you typically see, both from Prada and on the luxury market in general. It doesn’t feel like it’s over the top, though, because the majority of the bag is black, which tones down the look and makes it easier to mix into your wardrobe. Also, I’m drawn to the shape of this bag. A shoulder bag with a chain strap works with every wardrobe, but this option will stand out a bit. The shoulder strap is pretty long, and the front lock clasp is easy to use while maintaining a sophisticated look. The bag’s interior has Nappa leather lining with one pocket.

Overall, this is a bag that, if you’re going to love it, you likely will as soon as you lay eyes on it. No, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but you don’t always need that–sometimes you just want an easy-to-use bag that works well with many outfits. This design provides exactly that, with added touches to make it stand out. You can pick one up for $2,850 via Bergdorf Goodman.

I know some don’t like it, but the bag is really pretty – and it’s different. I think it looks very Prada, it’s hard with a shoulder bag not to have similar features to another brand.

prada replica Very pretty bag! As I often discover with your posts like this, I am very tempted to indulge in the bag for myself. I would love it if you gave us a peek at what the INSIDE of the bag looks like as well.

My expectations were a bit low seeing as it’s Prada but it’s a pretty bag. I wonder if it stands on its own, the pictures show the bag leaning on something. Pretty bag regardless!

It’s disgusting when the brands lie to the public by selling the craftsmanship made in Italy/Europe and so on and in fact, you discover the truth is way different.

if you decide to buy this bag make sure the bag wasn’t made in India. when Prada first introduced this woven technique leather I bought a pair of shoes. what a mistake. the craftmanship wasn’t there. since then I have not bought a single Prada leather high quality replica handbags,prada bags replica wholesale,prada cahier bag replica,prada replica,prada replica bags india,prada replica shoes,replica designer handbags.

Hi guys, no offense to anyone here but just wanted to clarify as far as Prada or any other luxury brands are concerned. They would never change the Made in which means the country of origin where the goods are being made. In India or Italy, such brands which are globally presented would never do such a thing. I’m saying this here Coz I’m from this industry and they have the strict guideline. You cannot make something in India and ship it to Italy and say it’s made in Italy. It cannot happen, there are rules that every country has before you ship the goods and then there are customs which takes care of all this. Though I love the look of this bag…